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-Living proof-

A hero who has been attacked by a demon in a village and has survived a childhood friend.

I realized that in front of me was a talking bird and a world without humans.

長 A long story about the adventures of a young man who has real courage and kindness while being tossed by time and fate

Background, current situation


The game for self-satisfaction that started to be produced around 2007, was decided to be released on the web in 2011, when the production was canceled. There is a request, to make a continuation.
Operating environment: Screen resolution = 1024x768 or more (can be reduced by dragging the window angle), CPU = fast, memory = large, Grabo = normal?
Estimated play time is 2-3 hours from opening to clearing Chapter 1. At the time of the last release, until the completion of Chapter 5.
We released the program source because there was a request. (Source release stopped on 2015/02/17)
When Chapter 5 is completed, production will be suspended and the game itself will be closed.
I decided to make it public after making it to the end.
Declared to be completed by 2025

2019 resuming production


Don't forget that in order to protect what is important, keep stealing what is important from a balance named fate Is there no responsibility and no sin for the choice?


Horizontal scroll action RPG

Now uses multiple scrolls, which is not at all uncommon.
The movement of the character is hard

Torch in the cave

I always want to carry a torch that goes dark in a cave without lights.
When the lower body enters the water, the movement slows down.
Defeat the enemy, get the material, and strengthen your equipment


world map

It will not come out in the game.
The stage is a fairly wide world.
It's a mini-gaiden fantasy fog cave.

That statue is no way

It's an image I've seen somewhere.
Something really important.
I want to play quickly.


Listen to what Karon says

Karon is like a father.

You'll be fine if you listen to him.

that? Was it a male ...?

い る There is a dangerous god in the future.

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