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Smartphone application game.

The stage is a simple RPG of MOVE ON or GO BACK.

The battle is a puzzle type with an emphasis on exhilaration.

Go through many fields and uncover the secrets of the world.

Android version

ios version

PC version

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Game content


Stage to advance with simple operation

There are only two stages, Susumu and Moddle.

Every event happens here, such as weeding and trapping.

Battle is a random encounter system.

Battle with simple puzzles

Arranging three will increase the damage.

At first, just that simple battle.

Gradually, various effects are generated depending on the color to be erased, and the exhilaration is increased.

You can also save colors and cast magic, shuffle and change disadvantaged battlegrounds,

The fun of puzzles is packed.



Become stronger with various factors

Equipped with distinctive weapons, armor and accessories.
Even if it's a puzzle, you can't beat a strong monster if its parameters are low.
The magic you can bring is also limited.
Change jobs, assign gifts, and enjoy your own enhancements.

Various stages

In places where it ’s raining and it ’s slow

Capture various stages, such as caves that require lighting.

As you progress through the stages, you'll find gorgeous rewards and discover new areas.



Mysterious story

A world with reasons.
Get a secret companion and start your adventure.
The first purpose is to defeat the entity called Demon King.
A mystery that gradually emerges.
People with discomfort and the world that will become apparent

Home system installed

If you can afford some money, buy a home

You can get various benefits by purchasing furniture.

It is also possible to look around the furniture with 3D objects.

If you purchase a summoning stand, you can summon subordinates and add them to battles


Skills to think and build by yourself

Put the skill piece on the board

Activate any combination of skills

The boards come in a variety of shapes, and it's up to you which combination you equip.


Lots of facilities to get rewards

In addition to the tool store and the equipment store,

Pawn shop, extractor, lottery shop, pedestrian shop, fish exchange shop, arena, etc.

There will be many facilities.

They can get rewards for purchases and exchanges.

Let's go to be strong



From the torch lighting,
There are a variety of tools, such as a book that lets you start the stage midway, read hints, learn new gifts, and see enemy drops.
Eating enemy materials can have surprising effects when eaten.

Do you tell the truth

Unique to traditional RPG

Start and go to the castle and be asked to defeat the Demon King.

You are a hero. It was a pair of pants

Let's sell those pants and make a lot of money, mania will buy them at a high price

The beginning cave may have something when you return to the beginning after you see the exit, right?

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