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What is ASTLIBRA Revision?

A full version of ASTLIBRA, a full-length side-scrolling action RPG.

Completely new techniques, additional dungeons, and new techniques based on the new system.

In addition to the wide screen, high resolution support, and multi-language support made possible by the participation of DX library developer Takumi Yamada, character refinement by graphic designer Shigatake, and large monster design by illustrator Haku Ryubuchi. Event skipping, KARON My Set, music looping, direct synthesis from synthesis recipes, and other character control updates and system specifications have been redesigned.

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​Side-scrolling action


Beautiful visuals, carefully drawn world.

The exhilarating feeling of knocking down enemies, and action that can be played with a small number of buttons.

Collect coins and force to strengthen your character.

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​Character enhancement


Use the money and materials you've collected to equip yourself and take on new adventures.

Some of the rare equipment can be obtained from treasure chests.

By increasing your skill level, you can obtain useful abilities.

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The story is told in chapters, as only a long story can.

Encounters and partings with people. Many mysteries, and the truth that awaits. 

Feel it with your hands and see it with your eyes.




Use your strengthened character and the various skills you have learned to battle the huge bosses that color the story.




The main character is separated from his childhood friend after his hometown is attacked by a giant demon.

The next thing he knows, he finds himself in a world with talking birds and no humans.

This is a full-length story about the many adventures of a young man who is at the mercy of time and fate, but faces it with true courage and kindness.


Q & A


When will it be released?

When is the release date?

We are planning to participate in the Steam Next Festival between October 1 and October 7.

We plan to release the demo version on Steam at that time.

The planned release date for the full version is Q2 2022.



What is the difference from the free version?

It supports wide screen, giving you a sense of the world.

It supports high resolution, so you can play on a large screen with beautiful images.

Refinements to character graphics and weapons by Shigatake and some bosses by Haku Ryubuchi will give the game a new, high-resolution look.

Possession techniques have been completely redesigned to give players a new experience.

Other changes to the gameplay experience are still being explored.

An additional story is planned for the end of the story.

Useful features such as event skipping, which were requested by many but were difficult to implement in the free version, are now available thanks to the participation of DX library authors.

If there are many requests for a strong new game, there is a possibility of implementing it.



What platforms will be supported?

We are planning to release the PC version on Steam.

Other platforms are yet to be determined.



What is the additional story?

In the free version, the later part of the story was not described, so we plan to describe the later part.

We are working hard on it.



Do you have any other exposure besides Steam?

We are planning to participate in the Tokyo Game Show 2021.


6 About the team

About the Revisions development team

We have Mr. Shigatake and Mr. Haku Ryubuchi on the graphics team.

Haku Ryubuchi for graphics, and DX library developer Yamada for programming.


7 About the team

Will there be voice acting?

There are no plans to do so at this time.


8 Will the music change?

Will the music change?

We have obtained permission for those that require it, so there will be little change.

If we cannot get confirmation, we will replace the song.



What happens to some inappropriate images?

Unfortunately, some of them will be replaced.


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